Green Initiatives

Whenever a new customer takes all of our services, we will plant a tree in their name.

Reducing carbon footprints wherever possible and helping the planet is fundamental to Utility Warehouse’s ethos.

Through our green tariffs and environmental initiatives, we offer our customers a way to get the utilities they need whilst doing their bit for our planet.

Do you want 100% renewable electricity?

With our green fixed tariff, new customers who switch to 3 or more of our services can benefit from 100% renewable electricity to power their homes. This is a small, but important step towards reducing the impact we make on our planet. You can read more about our renewable energy solutions here.

Reducing carbon footprints with smart meters

We offer all of our customers a smart meter which we will install for FREE. Smart meters are great for giving customers better control over their energy usage, which enables them to use less over time. Did you know that the energy saved from those who have smart meters installed equates to over 24 THOUSAND TONNES of CO2 per year? By installing a smart meter you can do your bit in leading the UK to a more efficient and cleaner energy system. Contact us to learn more about our free smart meters and how they can save you money whilst helping to save the planet.

How our green initiatives impact the world

The UW Foundation supports many charities, especially those that are environmentally focused, such as Ocean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans UK). This amazing charity’s goal is to tackle the planet’s plastic pollution problem in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans by better informing people to break habits and changing behaviours toward plastic disposal. You can read more about the UW Foundation here.

Helping to grow a better future, one tree at a time

Whenever a new customer takes all of our services, we will plant a tree in their name. Since we began this pledge there have been over 130,000 trees planted in the UW Woodland, which is situated in the beautiful Brecon Beacons. And to put 130,000 trees into perspective, the size of the area these trees cover is the same size as 73 Wembley pitches! You can read more about the incredible work UW Woodland is doing by clicking here.