You can get ‘Moore’ out of life by becoming an authorised UW partner through More Savings!

Do you:

Want to earn substantial amounts of extra cash every month?

Want to work hours that suit you?

Want to be rewarded for the hours you put into work?

Want to help others save money, and get rewarded for it?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then why waste any more time?
Contact Alan or Teresa Moore today to start your UW journey by becoming an authorised UW partner through More Savings.

How do I sign up?

How does it work?

Utility Warehouse’s primary goal is to help people save money on their everyday utility bills. By becoming an authorised UW partner YOU can earn serious cash whilst helping people save on their monthly bills. For every person that you sign up to UtilityWarehouse, you get paid. And depending on the number of services they take, that could be up to £400 per person!

Do I need relevant experience to become an authorised UW partner?

The great thing about becoming an authorised UW partner is that you do not need any previous sales experience, or even need to know anything about utilities! More Savings will offer you comprehensive and ongoing support and training to ensure you have all of the tools you need to start helping people save. And of course, the more people you help save money, the more money you earn for doing it!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! By signing people to Utility Warehouse you guarantee that you are giving them the very best deal. You don’t need to be a professional salesperson to do this, after all, everyone needs utilities…you are just providing people with a more cost-effective option than they are currently getting.

Are there other benefits?

Utility Warehouse offers its partners so much more than the opportunity to earn serious cash. There are weekend breaks, electric vehicles, hampers and even luxury holidays to be earned depending on how many people you sign up to Utilities Warehouse!

And when you switch enough people to UW you will start to earn a residual income, which is a guaranteed amount paid directly into your bank account every month regardless of how many people you have switched that month. Think about that! A guaranteed revenue stream every single month from customers you have ALREADY switched, which will only get larger the more people you switch!

What can the future look like with UW?

By becoming an authorised UW partner you are being given the tools to create your own future. After being fully trained by the team at More Savings, you will be able to start switching your friends, family and anyone else to UW. As well as being very well paid for doing so, you can begin to earn even more by recruiting, training and introducing new authorised UW partners. Once they begin switching customers and earning, you get paid. Recruit enough partners and you can begin building a team of your own! Not only will you get paid from any customer they switch to UW, but if they recruit partners then you also get paid for any customer they switch! And so on and so on. The sky really is the limit when you become an authorised UW partner.

How do I sign up?

Becoming a UW partner with More Savings is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Sign up to be a UW partner by contacting More Savings
  2. Receive comprehensive training from More Savings
  3. Start switching customers to Utilities Warehouse
  4. Start earning money!