Earn cash whilst helping others!

Are you either retired or semi-retired and looking to get back into work? What if we told you that More Savings has the ideal part-time jobs for semi-retired people, or even full-time retired? A job that offers the opportunity to seriously increase your monthly income and will also allow you to save friends, family and others significant amounts of money on their monthly utility bills. And the best part is you don’t have to have any experience in sales, as you will not be selling in the traditional sense, all you will be doing is offering people a better deal for something they already have to pay for anyway. So, if you are looking for the perfect full-time or part-time jobs for semi-retired people then this sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

We understand that there are many reasons that someone who has already reached retirement age, has already fully retired, or is semi-retired, would either want to or have to, continue working. For some, it is a matter of necessity, with the continuous cost of living increasing leaving many needing additional income just to stay afloat. For others it is more of a matter of choice, they may be looking for jobs for semi-retired people because they want to keep their minds active, challenge themselves or even just remain active in the local community. And with this particular opportunity with More Savings, there are even those who are specifically doing this as they just want to help others save money on their utility bills! The fact that they are also being very well remunerated for doing it is just a bonus.

jobs for semi-retired people

The best part-time or full-time jobs for semi-retired people!

So, if you are looking for the best jobs for semi-retired people and want to save others money on their utility bills then you may be wondering what exactly is involved in joining the More Savings family. Well firstly, it is important to know that by joining the More Savings team you are actually becoming an official partner of Utility Warehouse (or UW as we will refer to them from now on). As a multi-award-winning multi-service provider, UW prides itself on not only offering the best utility deals for customers but also the best rewards and incentives for its partners.

So what does UW offer?

Well, UW offers some of the best deals in the UK for mobile, energy, insurance and broadband, with the added incentive of the more services you take, the more money you can save. So by becoming an official UW partner through More Savings, you can now offer these deals to your family and friends, at a time when saving money on monthly bills is on everyone’s mind. Once you have signed up with More Savings you will have instant access to the UW partner portal, offering ongoing and up-to-date training, support and tips on how best to get new customers.

It really does worth repeating at this point that you do not have to have a background in sales, as this is a commodity that everyone needs! All you will be doing is offering people a better deal for something they already have. It is that simple! And the more people you sign up for UW services, the greater incentives for you! So not only will you be rewarded financially, but there are also other amazing perks and benefits of being an official UW partner and hitting certain easily attainable targets. Perks like hampers, days out, and luxury holidays! This is why this opportunity is ideal for those looking for part-time jobs for semi-retired people, as well as offering the best part-time jobs for firefighters, health workers, teachers or any other profession that offers a person regular time off. It is also a fantastic opportunity to grow your own business at a pace that suits you. Through More Savings, you will be able to grow your own team of UW partners, should you wish to. So if you are looking for the best jobs for semi-retired people then get in touch with the More Savings team today, and begin earning cash whilst helping others save on their monthly bills!