Earn cash in your own time! 

If you’ve found yourself looking for ideal part time jobs for mums, you may have found the options are rather limited. Especially when trying to bridge the gap left behind between your salary and maternity pay! It can be difficult finding something that is financially rewarding, fits in perfectly with your family routine and gives you the power to earn as much or as little as you wish! Luckily More Savings have been down this very same path and are loving the end results. We are lucky enough to be able to save our family, friends and many others money across services they are already using!  

More Savings is an authorised Utility Warehouse partner, which means we’re able to help reduce utility bills for others and are rewarded financially for doing so. It really is a win-win. They save, we earn, and everybody wins! What is even better is that we can also win gifts, holidays and more.

Become a UW partner with More Savings

Now is the time to join More Savings!

It goes without saying that the energy crisis has hit British homes hard, and the wallet even harder. There’s a lot of advice out there on ways to save money, cut energy usage and help guide you through this turbulent time. Joining More Savings is the perfect way to earn money whilst also helping others to reduce their own spending! You can use our services whilst also being a partner too!

How does More Savings save people money on their bills?

We’ve all got electricity, gas, internet, insurance and mobile phone bills, right? All with different suppliers who are out to get the best deal they can from us. Our model is that the more services that you place with us, the bigger the discount you will get! Some say you shouldn’t have all your eggs in one basket, but when that basket is rewarding you for doing so, it just makes sense. So when you become an authorised Utility Warehouse partner through More Savings, you are getting the power to reduce the bills of those you care about, friends and family. Although there are no restrictions as to who you can help – the more people you help, the more cash you earn!

Become a UW partner with More Savings

Who qualifies to be an authorised Utility Warehouse partner through More Savings? 

You, if you are a mother looking for part time jobs for mums! We will provide you with all of the training and tools you need to get you on your journey with us. You do not need a background in sales, as you’re not reinventing the wheel – merely explaining to others how to reduce their current spending on services they are already using! What is even better, is that those that switch their utilities with Utility Warehouse can benefit from our cashback card that offers 1% cashback on all spending, and up to 7% cashback at Utility Warehouse retail partners. The cashback amount is shaved from their monthly bill. 

Know others searching for perfect jobs for mums? 

Once you become an authorised Utility Warehouse partner through More Savings, you can recommend others to join us. What is even better is that if you have services with us, you can recommend others to switch to us and we will reduce your bills for every friend you refer! This opportunity really is the gift that just keeps giving.

How do you join More Savings?

Have a conversation with our very own Alan or Teresa Moore of More Savings and they will give you an in-depth introduction to Utility Warehouse. 

You can get in touch with them here.

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