I think it is safe to say that we have all asked “how can I lower my energy bills?” at some point in the past.

The last few years have seen billpayers in the UK seeing continuous cost of living increases across the board. But out of all the cost of living increases, including utilities, petrol, food, and rent, energy tariffs are seeing the biggest increases known in a generation. In fact, billpayers from the UK are seeing energy tariffs rise quicker than ever before, leaving many households having to cut back on any luxuries they may have previously enjoyed, just to be able to pay for the monthly essentials.

With the recent news that the UK energy price cap is expected to rise by up to 50% in October, energy prices are literally going through the roof.

This has led more and more of us to ask “how can I lower my energy bills?” Fortunately, More Savings have an energy solution which is guaranteed to save you money on your monthly energy bills AND save you from any price increases in October.

But before we discuss how More Savings can save you HUGE amounts on your monthly energy bills, let’s take a look at the reasons why energy prices are spiralling out of control.

UK Energy Price Cap

The independent energy regulator, Ofgem, sets an energy price cap that limits the amount an energy provider can charge its customers on their default tariffs. The energy price cap is set twice a year. The Ofgem CEO, Jonathan Brearley, recently announced that the energy price cap could rise by up to 50% in October 2022. This is a direct result of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, with gas wholesale prices rising to unprecedented highs.

As it stands (at the time of writing this blog in June 2022), the energy price cap sits at around £1,971 per household, per month. Based on predicted forecasts, the price cap could rise to somewhere in the region of £2,800, come October’s price cap increase. This increase will mark by far the largest amount since the energy price cap was established back in 2014. What this huge increase basically means is that a predicted 5-6 million households will be pushed towards the poverty line, to join the estimated 6 million UK households that are already below the poverty line.

There have been calls for the Government to step in and help the millions seriously affected by rising energy prices, but until they do it is up to the people to try and find ways to minimise the effects of the upcoming predicted price hike. So if you are asking “how can I lower my energy bills?”, you are asking the question at the ideal time.

How can I lower my energy bills?

As a trusted UW partner, More Savings can offer you the very best energy deal in the UK. So you can stop asking “how can I lower my energy bills?” whilst protecting yourself against the upcoming price cap increase. How? Well, if you take 3 or 4 UW services through More Savings, we can GUARANTEE you the very BEST value fixed energy tariff, which will not only give you the cheapest energy rate available in the UK but which we GUARANTEE will remain the same regardless of the October price cap increase.

To qualify for this amazing fixed tariff deal you will need to switch your energy, plus two or three of either broadband, mobile or insurance to UW. As well as protecting yourself against upcoming price increases, by combining multiple services you are GUARANTEED to make substantial savings across all of your utility bills.

BUT REMEMBER! Our special fixed-rate energy deal is available now, but will not be available forever, so don’t delay in getting in touch with the More Savings team.

So to take advantage of this incredible offer and to stop yourself from asking “how can I lower my energy bills?” ever again, simply get in touch with Alan or Teresa Moore at More Savings.